Our biggest challenge of coding education world-wide: The lack of comprehensive course content and professional educators.

24+ countries have implemented Programming into primary education, but they face major problems:

1. Insufficient professional educators: Software talents are wanted everywhere and computer engineers earn more than a teacher, so how could find talented programmers who are willing to teach aspiring students?

A teacher’s guidance is also crucial to help a student’s programming learning journey and help them practice more. Therefore, teachers couldn't teach in large classes at once. However, CodingBar has established a new smart cloud programming to help solve this issue.

2. Course content: CodingBar challenges the traditional pedagogical methods to give students a more interactive way to study. The new generation of students are highly influenced by 3C products and often lack critical thinking skill and concentration level.

With the hope to engage and entertain more of these students with fun and interactive course content, we decided to implement games into our curriculum.

CodingBar Programming Education Innovation Team

Our Innovation Team has worked on establishing a smart cloud programming platform exclusive for our teachers. Over the five years, we have accumulated extensive teaching experiences and feedback from both parents and students, so we could continue to improve our curriculum and let teachers solemnly pay more attention to each student’s needs.

The only programming education platform for youth in Taiwan and Malaysia?

CodingBar designs our programs precisely based on young students’ learning needs and style, which make our programs suitable for 10 to 18-years-old students.

Exclusive smart cloud platform with AI-Support system

Over 23,000 users from 60+ highschools use CodingBar’s exclusive smart cloud platform

Our smart cloud platform can:

  • Address students’ mistakes immediately
  • Reduce burden for teachers to prepare their materials
  • Create a complete record of students’ learning status

Comprehensive Curriculum with 7 + years of learning materials

After many years of teaching experience, our learning materials expand to different fields around AI and programming learning, which includes:

  • AI Talent Training Program
  • APCS Certification Program
  • Foundational Game Design
  • Makers Workshops
  • Internet Application
  • Big Data Analysis
  • AI Basic Application

Online, In-person and Hybrid Model

We will be there everywhere and anywhere to make your money worth it!

With CodingBar’s exclusive smart learning platform, you can start as a beginner and lay your foundation through physical classes. The next step would be more advanced learning by deciding your own online synchronous courses / self-paced online study.

It’s more than just programming!

Programming is only a small tool, but the key is to make the most out of it!

We use a lot of real-life application examples to teach our students how to code. Through our courses, we hope to not only cultivate students’ interest in technology, but also help them build their soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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Our Beliefs:

CodingBar is committed to making programming education accessible and fun for everyone. Therefore, we want to use programming as a tool to not only cultivate coding skills, but also essential soft skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.

Our Dream: Become sustainable, respected and influential brand known for our commitment on innovation

Our Mission: Provide the most professional, trustworthy, affordable programming education for all young talents and prepare them to become the leaders of the future.

CodingBar’s Timeline

Established in April 2018, Airabbi was committed to a year of research and development to build CodingBar Youth Programming Pilot School in 2019. In the first summer, 700+ students participated in our summer camp. As of August 2021, 4,200+ students have taken CodingBar courses, and more than 60 high schools across Taiwan have used our platform to teach. We have assisted several high school teachers’ training conferences and worked with local leaders to provide programming education to youth in disadvantaged areas.

We are recognized as an ed-tech startup of National Taiwan University/Amazon AWS Joint Innovation accelerator member, who strives for continuous improvement and innovation for years ahead.

  • July, 2019 - NTU Creative Accelerator Team
  • November, 2019 - Taitung TTMaker "Programmed Education Rooting Project"
  • December, 2019 - Fifth place in the “Open Data Innovative Business Practice War” by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • May, 2020 - AWS Accelerator Team in New Taipei City
  • November, 2020 - Selected as the Taiwanese team of the APICTA Asia-Pacific Telecom Contest

Our Team

CodingBar’s team members have professional background rich industry experience, from vice president of listed companies, full-scale engineers, designers, digital marketers, educational psychologists and other members.

All of us have one goal: to escape traditional education thinking, and use technological innovation to make education develop to its best!

Zhi-Guan Lee

Chief Executive Officer

Samuel Ong

Chief Marketing Officer

Tiffany Lee

Chief Information Officer

Calvin Low

Course Instructor

Pang You Yuan

Course Instructor

Kathryn Low

Course Instructor


Course Instructor

Yue Kah Guan

Course Instructor

Han Shen

Course Instructor

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