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More than 24 countries in the world have incorporated programming into primary education. The importance of STEM education is now well-recognized around the world ! CodingBar is dedicated to advocating STEM education, aiming to equip children with technological literacy as well as global competitiveness!

7 Levels of programming courses for different needs from 10 to 14 years old!

A1~A4: With block-based programming, students will develop creative thinking and programming logic in game designing. (Keyboarding proficiency is not required.)

A5~A6: Students will acquire the hottest programming language, Python, and learn to use it in daily life. They will also gain the ideas of system integration for both software and hardware during the process. micro:bit microcomputer boards would be used in the course.

A7: At this level, students will dive into the field of Artificial Intelligence, learning the applications of voice and image recognition.

Block-based programming
Introduction to Computational Thinking
Game Design
Advanced Game Topics
Text-based Programming
Intro: Become a PyMaker
Software & hardware integration
Maker Application
Intro to AI
Hands-on AI Application

CodingBar: a Leading Programming School for Youths

We focus on programming education for teenagers aged 10 to 18. Our original smart cloud programming learning platform has been employed in more than 60 schools and used by over 30,000 people! We’ve won 5th place in the Open Data competition hosted by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, received the Most Popular Award/Business Partner Award in NTPC-AWS Demo Day3, represented Taiwan for the 2020 APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) Competition, and placed in the 2021 Top 100 Innovator for renowned Taiwanese parenting magazine (親子天下, Education, Parenting, Family Lifestyle)

CodingBar--your trusted programming education platform.

3 Reasons Why CodingBar is your best choice

Professionalism - the most professional team of lecturers and the most well-rounded curriculum.

With a team of more than 50 lecturers, streamlined teaching materials, we offer a holistic learning experience. Besides, students would learn with the help of SmartCloud platforms and multimedia teaching materials. CodingBar is your best choice!

Coding won’t get you stuck anymore!

Great Value - original SmartCloud platform that documents and organizes every learning record

The AI teaching assistant would automatically mark the mistakes and provide feedback to students. We also offer online consulting to questions posted within 12 hours, making learning more efficient outside of class.

Various on/offline courses - the biggest bang for your buck!

Whole Student Development - Through career exploration, interdisciplinary integration, students are led to become futurist thinkers.

We believe programs and technology are just tools. Students should pursue their passion at an early stage. CodingBar invites industrial practitioners, hosts lectures and events, intending to help students explore their interests. Programming is not our only focus.

Guiding students to their passion is more of our goal!.

Get out of your comfort zone, and never stop trying!

We continuously improve our teaching methods and content based on students’ feedback. Our attention to detail allows us to understand the difficulties students face while learning to program. Where there is a will, there is your best coding mentor, CodingBar.

Programing with micro:bit (Introduction)

“It was very interesting! As a beginner at programming, it was a bit difficult at first. Yet, with patient guidance from the teacher, l was able to find the answer on my own. Overall, my experience with the programming camp was fantastic. And the teachers were very professional. I would love to join other courses with CodingBar again.”

Programing with micro:bit (Introduction)

“I’ve learned a lot from the five-day experience course with CodingBar. I had the chance to step into the world of programming, which strengthened my resolve to pursue further education in this field. While the schedule was a bit too fast for me, I was quite satisfied. I would definitely consider joining other courses in the future.”

Programming with micro:bit (Advanced)

“The course was both challenging and rewarding. It polished my problem-solving skills as well as computational thinking. I had a lot of fun with the typing games before class. All the lecturers were nice, too! Although it was a bit difficult in the hands-on session, I felt a great sense of accomplishment with the results. ”

Numerical programming

“CodingBar has not only an excellent learning platform but also professional teaching resources. After brief and clear instructions, students could practice using the learning platform. When having questions, the [one-eyed monster] button can be used for asking the teacher directly. The experience this summer was wonderful! CodingBar did make program learning easier and more interesting!.”

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The founder of CodingBar, Jerry, was once the vice president of a listed tech company. With seven years of experience in the education industry, Jerry and the entire CodingBar team hope to use technology to revolutionize programming education. Therefore, every student can learn more effectively while having fun in the process.

We believe programming is the new English in the upcoming era of AI. Every youth deserves the best guidance.
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